Detective Landlord: Screening Tenant Applicants

Social media, of course: A recent prospective tenant had an open Facebook page – listed at the top of her favorite things to read: Hightimes magazine; and her favorite movie: Blow

Not necessarily bad, right?  Well … One look in the photo gallery … A caption below the first picture — of her holding up a giant margarita — read, “Gettin it krunk b4 gettin my club on.”

Stamp it: DENIED.

A thorough application: Another prospect left part of our application blank, so I called and explained that in order to review her application, I’d need the answers to a few questions she “forgot” to fill in: Do you smoke? Yes.  Have you ever been evicted from a property? No.  Have you declared bankruptcy in the last ten years? Yes.

A little fishy, right?  So I called the listed current landlord for a reference.  Somewhat suspicious at this point, I started with, “Are you listed as the property owner in the courthouse tax records?”

“Uh, no, I, uh, he owns a lot.  I, uh, manage a few.”

“I see.  Could you give me his contact info?”

“Yeah, sure, I’ll call you right back with it.”

I never heard back.  Stamp it: DENIED.

Keep em coming …


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