Craigslist: A Pig in a Poke

Good old Geroge Kirby, upstanding citizen from Athens, Greece, sent the following email in response to my Cragslist advertisement:

… i am currently im in Athens, GREECE,  I am 48yrs old… and i am working with Hellenic Telecommunication Organization (OTE) — telecommunications Company In Athens, GREECE as secretary, I just won a contract with Cognizant Technology Solutions in states, I would spending 2yrs working with them, so i would be renting the place for 1yr for me to stay.  I’m making a preparation of coming down on the 16th of May… and i would coming to stay with my wife who is 2 month pregnant,  I do not smoke and have no pets.

Regarding the payment I want to make a deposit of one month rent plus the security deposit and also pay for the credit check, to secure the place before we arrtive in the US. My Financial assistant who is based in states would be handling the rent deposit payment on my behalf, I will tell him to send you one month rent as deposit payment of the rent as soon as you give me the go ahead to make out the payment to you. i would love to see the pictures of the unit so i can have more idea of what it really looks like…

This is my first time of renting a place to stay, Let me know if you want me to proceed with the deposit.You can give me a call, but the best way to get the hold of me is through email cause i might be in a meeting.My cell phone number is :+44 -702-407-8748 Land Phone: +44-773-370-4360 NB:Please Re-Confirm the price range along with the pictures of the house so we dont misunderstood each other!

Thank you and have a great day,

Mr Kirby.

What a deal, right?  How could I pass this up?  The ideal tenant, locked and loaded, a fish in a barrel … Or, as my grandpa used to say, a pig in a poke

Via email, I asked George if he was certain, coming from the metropolis of Athens, that he indeed wanted to live in the small village of Dayton – my apartment is not even within 100 miles of a Dayton – and he responded with a resounding yes and would I please hurry with the needed information so that he could get me the required funds ASAP.

I replied:

M Kirby,

While Dayton is indeed a small village, it has just occurred to me that there is something here you may find enjoyable: we have a thriving Greek club, the Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Sigma Sigma Freud.  Would it please you to have the club president’s contact information?  Everyone here in town finds Christo Texas-Stadium a most enjoyable fellow.  Please advise, as it’s important to me that you find your stay in Dayton pleasant.

M Rhodman

For some reason, I never heard back … Do people fall for these scams?